ENCON Thermal Engineers was established during the energy crisis of 1978 in INDIA. The name is coined from the phrase "Energy Conservation & Conversion". After establishing our credentials in heat recovery systems and energy management system, ENCON started manufacturing furnaces and its allied equipment.

ENCON Thermal Engineers is managed by qualified Engineers & Technocrats who are well- versed in designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of FUEL EFFICIENT SYSTEMS.

ENCON Thermal Engineers has been involved in a lot of research and development programs and has developed a lot of heating technologies, Over the last 30 years, we have been pioneers in introducing new and better energy efficient and conservation technologies in the country. The technologies developed and introduced by us have been successfully running in the Public sector and the Private sector of the country and outside the country.

ENCON Thermal Engineers have a vast range of product range which are being used by the following industries and applications.

Steel Plant - Tundish Heating, Ladle Heating System, Launder heating System Oxy Fuel Systems, Reheating Furnaces, Recuperator, Combustion Equipments, Fuel Handling System, Gasifier, Heat tracing, Fuel handling System.
Transformers & Distribution [T & D] Industries - Ovens, Gas Heating Elements.
Automotive Industries - Ovens, Gas Heating Elements.
Foundries - Core Baking Oven, Sand Dryer System, Furnaces, Coal Gasifier.
Aluminium Industries - Melting Furnaces, Oxy Fuel System, Recuperator, Ageing Ovens.
Pharmaceutical Industries - Ovens , Gasifiers, Solution Heaters.
Cement Industries - Hot Air Generator & Heat Stream.
Ayurvedic & Herbal Industries - Ovens Powered by Radiant Tube.
Surface Coating - Phosphoric Tanks, Boric Tanks, Preheating Chamber, drying chambers, paint booth.
Glass Industries - High Temperature Combustion System, Glass & Annealing Furnaces.
Combustion System, kiln, furnaces.
We provide Custom Made Solution For Energy Conservation & Energy Conversion