Pusher Hearth Type Furnace | Reheating of Billets



Over the last 35 years, ENCON group has established the credentials in designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of fuel efficient solutions in the field of heat recovery systems, energy management system, furnaces and allied equipment. ENCON is managed by globally experienced qualified Engineers & Technocrats. Responding to various customers’ feedback, ENCON group’s endeavor is now to supply the wide range of Furnaces in Ferrous and Non ferrous industries.

ENCON group is operating from Faridabad (Head office and Manufacturing unit), Gujarat and Kolkata. ENCON has an independent export activity and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


  • The Pusher hearth type furnace is normally arranged for side or front charging and side or end discharging from the furnace end by extractor.
  • The Billets will be brought / stored on the charge grate and pushed one by one to the approach charge roller table. Necessary Charge positioning device will be provided to enable the charge to be located in the furnace properly in single or double row. The Billets will be charged in the furnace in single or double row by pushing with suitable hydraulically operated charge pusher mechanism.
  • In order to achieve better temperature uniformity of the Billets, the furnace will be designed with adequate number of independent thermal control zones. There will be another unfired preheating zone which will act as recuperative zone to preheat cold Billets.
  • The furnace will be equipped with ENCON burners. These burners will be located on the side or rear wall and can easily handle high air preheat temperature. A convection type multi-tubular recuperator for preheating the combustion air from the flue gas leaving the furnace.
  • The furnace zone temperature will be automatically controlled through mass-flow based instrumentation. Instrumentation for temperature & pressure as well as control & other safety system are PLC-PC based. Necessary furnace pressure control instruments will be used.
  • Complete interlocking and sequential control of the furnace will be carried out through Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with or without any redundancy of the CPU.
Charge Billets
Grades Carbon Steels / Low Alloy Steels
Charge Length upto 12,000 mm
Furnace 1250°C ( max.)
Firing BF Gas- / PG - / Mixed Gas- / Natural Gas- / LPG - /Oil fired
Furnace Capacity upto 120 TPH